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Step 1
sign up

Register here for the newsletter. We will keep you updated through the newsletters. This way you will be the first to know about all the developments.  

Step 2

From now on more information is available on the websites about the apartments. By clicking on offer in the menu you can view more details about each apartment. Have you found your dream home? Submit your housing preferences in your personal account before May 29th, 2022! You can also complete your personal details in your account. Don’t have an account yet? Then create an account here. Just too late for pre-registration? Don’t worry, you can still register. 

Step 3
START rental

From the end of June on all information about the apartments is available online. The complete offer can be found here. Are your preferred apartments still your favourites or do you prefer an other apartment? As soon as you have adjusted your housing preferences in your personal account, you can complete your registration form. You will now be asked for documents to prove your income. It is important that you upload these documents so you can complete your registration. 

rental conditions

To rent an apartment, it is important that you can pay your rent every month.

That is why rental conditions have been drawn up. Would you like to rent an apartment in Merchant? Check below whether you are eligible. 

  • The starting point is that the gross monthly income must be at least 3,5 times the monthly rent; 
  • In the case of two incomes, the second income counts for 50%; 
  • Holiday pay, fixed bonuses and a thirteenth month may be added to the gross annual income; 
  • Pensioners have a minimum gross monthly income of 3 times the monthly rent because of the lower tax burden; 
  • Independent entrepreneurs must submit the most recent annual accounts for at least two closed financial years; 
  • No negative credit check; 
  • Study financing is a loan or performance-based grant and therefore does not count as income. 


Do you not fully meet the requirements or do you have
doubts about your situation? Please contact our rental team.